Mariem Magdy

Mariem Magdy, Instituto Superior Técnico
Conformal methods and asymptotic charges on vacuum spacetimes

One of the common approaches in the studies of the asymptotic structure of spacetimes involves the use of conformal transformations. These transformations allow us to study the behaviour of the gravitational field ‘at infinity’ using local differential geometry by mapping points at infinite distances in one manifold to finite distances in another. In recent years, the subject of asymptotic symmetries/charges has acquired renewed interest, in part due to its relation with soft theorems, the gravitational memory effect and the information loss paradox. During my talk, I will focus on the role of Friedrich’s formulation of spatial infinity in evaluating asymptotic charges near spatial infinity and the implications of our analysis in the recent articles: arXiv:2311.07294 and arXiv:2112.03890